Maps: 1601 - 1622
1601 Abraham Ortelius
- Giovanni
Battista Vrients

Antwerp, 5 x 3.5 inches.
Hand-colored example of
Ortelius' miniature map of
Poland-Lithuania, from
the first edition of
“Ortelius Epitome.”
1601 Abraham Ortelius:
"POLONIA," Antwerp,
from "Epitome Theatri
1602-09 Petrus Bertius
Jodocus Hondius
3.5 x 5 inches / 90 x 125
mm, in three different
versions, from different
editions of Bertius's
Map on
the top left from; on the
left bottom, c1609, from; on
the top right, a 1603 version
with a DETAIL image on the
right bottom from eBay
1603 Vaclovas Grodeckis  - Abraham Ortelius:
inches, in two differently-colored versions. From
"Theatrum Orbis Terrarum," Antwerp. Compare with
the 1609 version below.  
On the left:; on
the right: www.the
1604 Abraham Ortelius:
"POLONIA." from
"Epitome Theatri
1607 Gerard Mercator -
Jodocus Hondius:
"LITHUANIA," 5.5 x 7.25
inches. Mercator devoted
his later life to "Atlas
Minor," the last of 3 vols.
published in 1595, a year
after his death. The plates
were bought in 1604 by
Hondius, who republished
it in 1607.
1610 Gerard Mercator - Jodocus Hondius: "LITHUANIA," 138mm x 181mm, in four slightly different versions
published the same year, all from "Atlas Minor." Note "LITHVANIE" above the left-most map image,
Note "LITHVANIA" above both the second map, which is from, and the third,
colored, map,
which is from the National Library of Latvia: fourth map is
1613-43 Hessel Gerritsz (engraver) - Willem Blaeu: "MAGNI DVCATVS LITVANIAE," 28.9 x 29.3 inches, Amsterdam. An important 4-sheet wall map engraved (all maps have the
date "1613" on the second cartouche) from survey drafts prepared by
M. Strubicz under instructions of Prince Nicolas Christophe Radziwill. These examples are by Willem Blaeu,
under his imprint “Guilhelmus Janssoni." This map was not included in an atlas until 1630. The fourth map includes an additional two sheets depicting the lower part of the Dnieper
All versions are from
1613 Hessel Gerritsz - Willem Blaeu: "MAGNI
DVCATVS LITHVANIAE," disassembled, in four
From the New York Public Library collection, at
1620 Mercator - Johannes Janssonius: "LITHUANIA,"
14.5 x 20 cm / 5.7 x 8 inches, from Mercator's small
atlas, in two versions, with a
DETAIL image of the second map, which is from the  National Library of
1603 Petrus Bertius:
"Livoniae descrip.,"
Amsterdam, 9 x 12 cm,
from his "Tabulrium
Contractarum Libri
EstonianNational Library
Cartography Collection:
1606 Petrus Bertius: "Livoniae descrip," Amsterdam,
3.4 x 4.9 inches / 8.7 x 12.4 cm. A later version of
the map to the left
, Also a DETAIL image. From
1616 Petrus Bertius:
"POLONIAE," Amsterdam, 95
x 135 mm, printed from the
second plate of two used to
illustrate his "Geography,"
with thicker printed borders.
1613-16 Gerard Mercator -
Jodocus Hondius: "LITHVANIA," 37 x 44 cm / 14.4 x 17.2 inches, verso text in French -- a map whose first edition
appeared in 1595. From Mercator's "L'Atlas ou Meditations Cosmographiques de la Fabrique du Monde et Figure
diceluy, I Honij." Also two
DETAIL images. From This version is a close approximation of AK-05  
1621 Gerard Mercator:  "LIVONIA,"
Arnheim, from his "Atlas Minor," published
Johannes Janssonius. From the Univ. of
1606 Petrus Bertius: "Livoniae descrip.,"
Amsterdam, in an uncolored version.
the Univ. of Tartu,
1609, 1612 Vaclovas Grodeckis  - Abraham Ortelius: "POLONIAE, LITVANAE Q
DESCRIPTIO." 15 x 19 inches, in two versions, one from 1609 and one from 1612,
both from "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum," Antwerp. This version includes corrections
noted by Van Den Broecke on the Dniester River, which were first made in 1598.
The map is based upon the maps of Grodeckis, published in 1558, 1562, as corrected
by Pograbka. Grodecki's map itself is based on a 1526 map by Wapovsky. The 1612
version also has a
DETAIL image. Map on the left is from; map on the right
1601 - 1612 Abraham Ortelius  - Michel Coignet: "LIVONIA," Antwerp, 3.3 x 4.5 inches / 8.5 x 11.5 cm. Coignet
wrote the text for miniature editions of Ortelius (who died 1598), published 1601-12 by Jan Baptise Vrients:
"Epitome theatri orbis terrarum Abrahami Ortelij." The engravings were done by Ambrose and Ferdinand
The first map is from; the second map is from The Naional Library of Estonia:; the third
and fourth  maps are from the National Library of Latvia:
c1598-1606 Petrus
Bertius: "Livoniae
descrip.," Amsterdam,
from a Dutch pocket
atlas, 12.5 x 9 cm.
Jodocus Hondius:  "DESCRIPTIO LIVONIAE," Amsterdam, 13 x 9 cm, in a 1616
colored version, and a 1618 uncolored version, both after Ortelius. Also a
image of the 1618 version.
1616  map from The National Library of Latvia:; 1618 map from
1618 Jodocus Hondius -  Petrus Bertius: "POLONIA," Amsterdam, in two versions, with a DETAIL image of each.
The maps are from "Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum…," a pocket atlas that was published 1600 to
1650. Bertius wrote the commentary. His two brothers-in-law, Hondius and Pieter vn den Keere, engraved the
 First map from ; second map from  
1609 Abraham Ortelius:
"POLONIA," Antwerp, 3
3/8 x 4 3/4 inches, from
"Epitome Theatri Orbis
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1616                                                    1618
1603 - 1604 Abraham Ortelius:  "LIVONIA," Antwerp,
published by Jan Baptiste Vrients in English editions of
Ortelius' atlas.
The first map is from the National Library of
Estonia:; the second, colored, map is from the
National Library of Latvia:
1613 Gerard Mercator:
"LIVONIA," France, 14.5 x
19 cm, from "Atlas Minor."
From the National Library of