Maps: 1720 - 1730
1720 Gabriel Bodenehr:
"Geographische Vorset-
llung derer Konigsreiche
Polen..," Augsburg, 8.5 x
6.5 inches.  
1720 Guillaume De l'isle -  
Coviens-Mortier: "ESTATS
POLOGNE," Amsterdam,
19.125 x 23.75 inches.
1720 John Senex:
..., " 26 1/2 x 40 inches
/600 x 1000 mm, four
sheets glued together.
From Altea Maps
1720 Christoph Weigel:
1721 Guillaume
Levasseur de Beauplan:
1722 Patrick Gordon: "...
POLAND..." London. From
"Geo- graphy Anatomiz'd."

1725 F. Laso: "ESTATS
POLOGNE," 5 1/4 x 6
From The Portsmouth
1725 Lottin, Genneau and Morin
: "POLOGNE." 5 1/4 x 5 1/8
inches / 135 x 130 mm.
1725 Pieter Schenk:
"POLOGNE....," Amster-
dam, 19.3 x 23 inches.
1729 Pieter van der Aa:
"LA POLOGNE." 14 x 11
c1729 Henri Chatelain - Guillaume Delisle: "POLOGNE," Paris on the left,
an Amsterdam colored version on the right, along with a
DETAIL image,
from the same time, but from "La Science des personnes de la Cour,"
Amsterdam, text by Henri Phillippe de Limiers, who also wrote the text
for Chatelain's Atlas Historique."
First map from angelikamapwoman on eBay
c1730 Herman  Moll: "To His Most Serene and August Majesty Peter Alexovitz absolute lord of Russia &c. this map of Moscovy, Poland, Little
Tartary, and ye Black Sea &c. is most humbly dedicated," 23.75 x 38 inches. Includes a portrait of Peter and an inset map of  northern
First map from; second from; third from  the Norman Leventhal Map Collection at the Boston Public Library via
1730 Herman Moll:
"POLAND...," 10 1/4 x 7
From Heritage Auctions
1730 Matthaus Seutter: "POLONIAE REGNUM UT ET MAGNI DUCATUS LITHUANIAE," Augsburg, 23 x 20 inches, in what appears to
be a third state, in three versions. This possible third state is like the second, but has additional verbiage not only as the last line of the
cartouche: "SAC.CNS. MAJ. GEOGR. AUG."but also and additional two lines of verbiage
under the cartouche.  The first map is unattributed; the
second is from the Univ. of Freiburg, Germany:; the third map is from
1730 Johann Schreiber: "Reise Charte durch das König-
reich Polen : mit allen darzu gehörigen Laendern
/ verfertiget von J[ohann] G[eorg] Schreibern in
Leipzig." in two differently colored versions, 185 x 274
mm /7.2 x 10.8 inches, from his "Atlas Minor."
Compare with the 1739 and 1749 versions from "Atlas
First map from the  National Library of Latvia:; second map
1730 Christoph Weigel:
1730 Unattributed
"POLAND." 7.2 x 5.7
inches – 18.8 x 14.8 cm.
A map showing rivers in
Poland -- sorry: no key.

1720 Henri Abraham
Chatelain: "LE ROYAUME
DE POLOGNE...," Paris, 7
x 5.5 inches, from "Atlas
From Beach
Antique Maps & Prints
1728-30 Matthaus Seutter: "POLONIAE REGNUM ut et MAGNI DUCATUS LITHUANIAE" in the first state on the left, showing four sheets on
linen. There are only numbers on the border scales. The second-state of the plate has added letters to the border scales.  See 1730 for the third
First  first-state map: DSpace at the Univ. of Tartu: ;second first-state from an eBay auction;  first second-state map:;
second from
1720 Matthaus Seutter: ""POLONIAE REGNUM UT ET
MAGNI DUCATUS LITHUANIAE" Augsburg, 58 x 50 cm
first state engraving
(the second, 1728 state added letters
to the border scales)
. From Antiquariat Regiomontanus on eBay
1730 Johann Baptiste Homann: "DVCATVVM LIVONIAE et CVRLANDIAE cum vicinis Insulis.." (...with neighboring islands), Nuremburg, in seven
versions, distinguishable from the 1720 version by the addition of "Cum Privilegio S.C.M." to the cartouche.
First map from DSpace at the Univ. of Tartu,
Estonia:; second two from The National Library of Latvia:; third and fourth from; sixth map from Old Times Rare
Books -- cesgia on eBay; seventh map from the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale Univ.:
c1720 Johann Baptiste Homann: "DVCATVVM LIVONIE et CVRLANDIAE..," Amsterdam, 22.5 x 19 inches, in four
versions. Compare with 1730 versions below, which have "Cum Privilegio S.C.M." in the cartouche.
First map:; second:; third from bab_de on Germany's eBay; fourth from
1728 Herman Moll:
"POLAND," from his "Atlas
Minor." Compare with the
1732 and 1740 versions.  
From fineantiquemapsandprints
1720 Gerard Valk: "Tabula DUCATUM LIVONIAE et
CURLANDIAE," Amsterdam, 19.5 x 23.375 inches, in
two versions.
First from; second from
the National Library of Latvia:
1722 Christoph Weigel:
Nuremberg, 13.125 x
15.75 inches.
c1730 Alexis-Hubert Jaillot: "ESTATS DE
19.1 inches. Also a
DETAIL image.  From
1722 Nicholas Sanson:
"ESTATS de la Couronne de
POLOGNE," Amsterdam,
6.6 x 5.2 inches, published
42 years after Bossuet's
claniz69 on eBay
1725 Sieur de Chevigny:
"POLOGNE," 5.5 x 5.5
inches, based on de L'Isle.

From bertius on eBay
c1730 Guillaume De lisle - Covens &
Mortier: "Estats de la Couronne de
Pologne Subdivises Suivant l'Estendue
des Palatinats ...," 23.9 x 17.8 inches.
Also two
DETAIL images. Compare with
1720 version.
c1730 Gerard Mercator  - Claudius
Ptolemy: "Tab. VIII. Europae, in qua
Sarmatia, Maeotis Palus, ac Germaniae,
Daciaeq. Pars...," 16.6 x 13.3 inches. First
published in 1578, this map is from the last
edition of Mercator's version of Ptolemy's
"Geographia," evident from the two cracks
in the plate at top and center. Compare
with the 1584 version on this site.
1730 Matthaus Seutter: "Novissima et accuratissima
Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae in suos Palatinaus et
Castellanias divisae Delineatio, cura et impressis
Matthaei Seutteri, S. Caes. et reg. Cathol. Majest. Geogr.
et Chalcographi Augustani," paper size 61.2 x 51.3 cm.
From cesgia on eBay
1720 Guillaume De l'Isle: "La Pologne," 76.7 x 53.2
cm. Also three
DETAIL images. Compare map
details and cartouche to versions published 1703
and 1707.
From Old Times Rare Books: cesgia on eBay  
1727 Pieter Van der Aa: "La LIVONIE
Avec ... de COURLANDE." Amsterdam.
Based on the voyages of Adam Olearius.
From Old Times Rare Books: cesgia
1729 Philipp Cluver:
"Veteris et Novae REGNI
POLONIAE, Magniq Duca-
tus LITHUANIAE," 8 x 10
1725 Christoph Weigel:
IAE Tabula."
From the Na-
tional Library of Estonia:
c1720 Herman
Moll: "POLAND,"
1723 Johann Gastel -
Anselm Desing: "XXVI
Haupt Karte POLEN,"
Stadt Am Hoff, 5 x 4.5
oldmapsoldbooks on eBay
1723 Herman Moll
"Poland," from "The
Compleat Geographer..."
1729 Johann Baptiste
Homann: "Regni Poloniae
Magnique Ducatus Lithua-
niae Nova et exacta..."
Nuremberg, 22.5 x 19
inches. This is the second
state of the map, from the
third plate, and therefore
dates to 1729 and after. See
the 1712, 1720 and 1739
1720 Johann Baptiste Homann: "Regni Poloniae
magnique Ducatus Lithuaniae nova," Nuremberg in
two versions. Compare with 1712, 1729, 1739 versions.
First map from Univ. of Freiburg:
kartensammlung;second from
1                                                         2                                                                 3                                                     4                                                        5      
6                                                         7
All First State:
All Second State
All 3rd State?
1730 Nicolas Sanson: "LA CURLANDE
duché et SEMIGALLE autrefois de la
LIVONIE. LA Samo- gitie DUCHE en
LITUANIE," Paris, 16.9 x 30.9 inches. Two
DETAIL images. From the  National Library of