Maps: 1799 - 1802
1799 Luigi Rossi (historian) - Alexandre Blondeau
- Hyacinthe Langlois (publisher) - Guthrie
(geographer/historian): "La Pologne avec dernier partage"
(Poland after the last partition)
, Paris, 7 x 9 inches, from
"Atlas universal pour la géographie de Guthrie."
Looking for a John Cary map dated, on
the map,
1799, titled: "A NEW MAP OF
OF LITHUANIA, Shewing their
DISMEMBER- MENTS and Divifions
PRUSSIA IN 1772, 1793 & 1795...
Well, the earliest publication of this map
was in
1808. That's where you'll find five
differently-colored versions, all dated, on
the map, 1799
1799 Clement Cruttwell:
"POLAND," 16 x 13.5
inches /40.6 x 34.3 cm,
from "Atlas to Cruttwell's
1799 [dated] Laurie & Whittle (publisher): "A New Map of The Kingdom of Poland With its Dismembered Provinces, and the Kingd. of Prussia," London, 20 x 26.5 inches, showing results
of all three partitions. See the 1787 and 1794 iterations of this map.
1799 Samuel John Neele:
"A Map of POLAND from
the best Authorities,"
London, 18.5 x 21 cm.
1799 C.George & John Robinson:
"POLAND," London, 13.6 x 15.4
inches. Engraved by Samuel
John Neele.
1799 William Guthrie: "Map of POLAND. from the best
Authorities." London, 7.5 x 8.5 inches, from "A New
Geographical, Historical and Commercial Grammar,"
first published the year of Guthrie's death, 1770, with
maps supplied by Thomas Kitchin until the 1788
edition, after which others contributed.
"Литовскoй губерния" (Litovskoi guberniya) First version
from National Museum of Lithuania; second from Wikimedia
1800 Charles Brightly -
Edward Kennersly:
"POLAND, Shewing the
Claims of RUSSIA,
from the beft Authorities."
9.5 x 7.5 inches / 240 x
190 mm.
1800 William Barker
(engraver) -  Matthew
"POLAND,  Shewing the
Claims of Rufsia, Prufsia &
Auftria, until the late
London, 30 x 36 cm.
1800 Tranquillo Mollo:
"POLEN nach den Letzten
the last partition)
Vienna, 18 x 15 inches.
1800 John Payne:
"POLAND," from "A New
and Complete System of
Universal Geography (4
vols.) New York,
published by John Low.
1800 Giovanni Antonio Rizzi-Zannoni:
"Polen -POLOGNE," Vienna, 100 x 90
cm, in a foldable, linen-backed, very
large example, with a
DETAIL image of
the cartouche.
From Scripofilia.
1799 Cotoyen Bertholon (atlas editor) - Louis Perisse
(publisher): "CARTE GENERAL de la POLOGNE Avec
tous LES ETATS qui y sont annexes," Paris, 8 1/4 x 6
3/4 inches from the first edition of Joseph de Laporte's
"Atlas Moderne Portatif..." The second edition was
published 1804 in Lyon by B. Cormon & Blanc.
1799 William Guthrie: "A
New Map of POLAND,
from the Best Authorities,
1799," from "A New
Geographical, Historical
and Commercial
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1800 Charles Delamarche:
"La Pologne, avec ses
démembremens." Paris, 20
x 23 cm, with coloring
depicting all Three Par-
titions. Cartouche
type B.
From "Petit atlas moderne
..,"with editions in 1790
and 1793.
1800 A.M. Wilbrecht/Vil'brekht/Вильбрехт (German surveyor/cartographer) : "Российский атлас из сорока четырех карт состоящий и на сорок на два наместничества
Империю разделяющий"
("Russian Atlas of 42 maps of 44 guberniyas), St. Petersburg, published by the "Geographic Department of the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty [Paul I]."
The first edition was published in 1792.  All place-names in Cyrillic.
From the National Library of Russia:,  except as indicated
"Эстляндская губерния" (Estlyandskaya guberniya)
Second map is from wikimedia
"Курляндской губернии" (Kurlandskoi guberniya)
Second map is from wikimedia
"Лифляндской губерни" (Liflyandskoi  guberni).
Second map from Wikimedia
"Псковская губерния"
(Pskovskaya guberniya)
"Смоленская губерния"
(Smolenskaya guberniya)
"Белорусская губерния"
(Belorusskaya gubernia)
From wikimedia
"Минской губернiи"
(Minskoy gubernii)
1799 [dated] William Faden (engraver/cartographer/publisher): "A
Map of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania,
including Samogitia and Curland, Divided according to their
dismemberments,"  London, based on the 1772 24-sheet Rizzi-
Zannoni map, both as a dissected folding map glued to linen and as
an atlas map. See the 1811 and 1816 versions.
c. 1800 Mariaval (mapmaker) - A. Peticier (engraver) - Bertrand
publisher): "Carte Générale de la Pologne avec ses differens
Démembremens par les Puissances Partageantes en 1773 et 1795," Paris,
58.1 x 47.9 cm.
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The Wroblewski Library of the
Lithuanian National Academy of
c. 1800 Charles
: "La Pologne,
avec ses démembrements,"
Paris. 11 x 8 inches, with
coloringdepicting all three
partitions, and  "Royaume
de Pologne" in the legend,

type C
, from "'Petit atlas
moderne ..," with editions
in 1790 and 1793.  
1800 Charles Delamarche: "La Pologne, avec ses démembrements," Paris. 11 x 8
in three versions with "An III de la Repub? Franc? ou an 1795" in the
, type A. The French Republic was founded September 22, 1792 during
the French Revolution.
" Coloring depicts only the resuts of the First,1772, Partition.
From "'Petit atlas moderne..," with editions in 1790 and 1793.
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Bartele Gallery - The
Netherlands via
1799 Adam Christian
(geographer) -
Franz Ludwig Güssefeld
(cartographer) - Industrie
"XIII" [Poland/Prussia],
Leipzig, 20 x 23 cm, from
"Neuer methodischer
Schul- Atlas," accom-
panied by statistics.
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National Library of Poland
1801 Thomas Brown: "A New and
Accurate Map of Poland with its
dismemberd Provinces..." Edin-
burgh, 293 x 343 mm., from his "A
General Atlas."
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1801 [dated] Tardieu
: "Pologne
avec les Partages de
1792, 1793 et 1795,
Corrigée et Augmentee.
1802 William Darton, Jr. (engraver/publisher): "POLAND," 7 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches / 19.6 x 22.2 cm., in versions from "Atlas to
Walker's Geography."
1802 ("Atlas of Russia: The guberniyas of
Estonia, Livonia, Courland, Vitebsk and
From the National Library of Estonia:
1802 Thomas Kitchin (mapmaker) - T.
(publisher): "POLAND with its
Dismember'd Provinces," London, from
"Travels into Poland..."
From the British
Library via
1802 Antonio Zatta - Antonio Remon- dini: "La Pologne
divisée en ses Palatinats Selon la dernier Condi vision des
trois Puisances Sovoire l'Au- triche, la Russie, la Prusse,"
Venice, 49 x 65 cm, from an uncompleted atlas project that
included maps from each publisher's prior atlases:
Remondini's "Atlas Universelle" of 1782-84, and Zatta's 1796
"New Atlas."