Maps: 1803 - 1817
1803 William Faden (original
- Tab'hane-yi Hümayun
(secondary mapmaker): "Poland,
Lithuania and Prussia,"
from the
Ottomon Turkish  "Cedid atlas
("New Atlas Translation"),
Istanbul, from the first Muslim-
published world atlas based upon
European geographic knowledge and
cartographic methods. The Atlas is
based on Faden's "General Atlas of the
Four Grand Quarters of the World," a
copy of which was acquired by
Mahmud Raif Efendi when he was a
private secretary at the Ottoman
embassy in London. He contributed
the introductory text to the atlas.   
From Library of Congress, Geography and  
Map Division:
1805 Matthew Cary (cartographer) - William Guthrie (publisher): "Poland. From the
best AUTHORITIES." London, 21 x 18 cm., in three versions from an Atlas to
"Guthrie's A New Geographical, Historical, and Commercial  Grammar."
1807 Claude Buffier: "LA
POLONIA," Venice, 21.6 x
17.5 cm.
1809 John Barber -
William Guthrie:
"POLAND. Corrected &
Improv'd from the Best  
1809-11 Samuel Neele (engraver) - James Cundee
: "Poland," London, 10 x 7.5 inches, in two
versions from "A New System of Geography and
Universal History," a variant
(new maps by Neele) of
Guthrie's "Geographical Grammar."
1811 John Wallis (engraver) -
Samuel Augustus Oddy:
"POLAND." 8 3/4 x 10 1/2 inches
/ 22 x 26 cm. From "Oddy's New
General Atlas of the World..."
1812 Ezekiel Blomfield
(publisher) - James Barlow
Shewing the Claims of
AUSTRIA..." London.
the 1806-07 versions.
1813  Charles Francois
Delamarche: "ROYAUME
DE POLOGNE," Paris, 29
x 27 cm. From "Nouvelle
Atlas Portatif...," Par
Robert de Vaugondy." It
was updated with new
findings by Delamarche.
This joint and updated
release is a key bridge of
18th and 19th century
mapmaking in France.
1814 Joshua Archer (engraver) Robert
Wilkinson (publisher) : "
POLAND," London,
9 x 11.5 inches, from his "General Atlas of
the World." See the 1808 and 1818
From the National Library of Poland via
1809 Eustache Herisson
(publisher, pupil of
Rigobert Bonne)
-  C.B.
(engraver): "LA
POLOGNE," 235 x 190
mm, Paris. From "Atlas
1814 C.V. Lavoisne (an
American cartographer, who
worked with both Barfield and
Mathew Cary)
POLAND..," London, 21 x 17
inches. From his "Geograph-
ical Atlas," published by
From eBay, 2012
1811 Thomas Dix:
"Poland," London,
14 x 17 cm., from
"Dix's Juvenile
1806 Charles Francois
Delamarche: "LA
POLOGNE avec ses
demenbremans." Paris,
20.5 x 22.5 cm.
From Tim
Bryars at
1812 Gottlob Daniel
Reymann:  "KARTE
SEMGALLEN..,: Berlin.
at Univ. of Tartu: http:
1812 "MAP of the
several Countries
throw which the
Russians are to pass
in their March to
From the
National Library of Latvia:
Charles Smith: "POLAND," London, 28 x 36 cm / 14 x
10.5 inches, from the first edition of "Smith's New
General Atlas Containing Distinct Maps Of all the
Principal Empires, Kingdoms & States Throughout the
World Carefully delineated from the best Authorities
extant," published through 1836.
1810 Frances Bowen:
"Poland," a pen and ink
and watercolor manu-
script map, from her "A
General Atlas," created
by under the supervision
of her sister Eliza.
1815 [dated 1814] Lewis Hebert Senior (geographer/cartographer) - Samuel John Neele (engraver) - John Pinkerton (geographer/ archaeologist/historian): "POLAND" London, in versions
from "Pinkerton's Modern Atlas," one of the best English atlases of the time. Compare with the version  from the 1818 Philadelphia edition.
1811 [dated] John Cary (engraver): "A New Map of
Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Shewing
their Dismemberments..," London, 20 x 18 inches.
Only the date has changed from the dated 1799,
published 1808, version.
1804 or 1807 Rev. Ezekiel Blomfield (editor) - James Barlow (engraver): "POLAND: Shewing the Claims of Russia,
Prussia and Austria from the beft Authorities," Bungay, Suffolk, England, in four versions, published in either the
1804 or 1807 editions of "A General View of the World..."  See the claimed 1812 version.
1804 Thomas Kitchin (editor) -  Laurie &
Whittle  (publisher): "A New Map of the
Kingdom of Poland..." London, 48 x 66
cm., from "Anew Universal Atlas..."
"A New Map of Poland, and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, shewing their dismemberments and divisions between Austria, Russia and Prussia, in 1772, 1793 & 1795, from the
latest authorities," London.
1808 John Cary maps of Poland-Lithuania from "Cary's new universal atlas, containing distinct maps of all the principal states and kingdoms throughout the World." You will
see this map ascribed, on other sites and at various map sources, to 1799, the date on the map, but the atlas from which this map was taken says it is a first edition, and is dated
1808 on the spine. Best available information on all the editions of the atlas and dates on this map: 1808; 1811
 (see below) -- a reissue of 1808 with no map changes other than
an 1811 date appearing on some maps; 1819
(see examples on next page) -- for which a third of the maps were changed; 1824 -- with no changes in 1819 maps except for the
date; 1828 -- same as 1824 except for date changes; and reissues in 1833, 1836, and 1844. The maps below were all published in 1808:
1811 [dated 1799] William Faden: "A Map of the King-
dom of Poland and Grand Dutchy of Lithuania including
Samogitia and Curland, divided according to their
dismemberments, with the Kingdom of Prussia...2nd
Edition," London, 54 x 60 cm, dated 1799 on the map,
from his 1811 "General Atlas." The map is a reduced
version of Rizzi-Zannoni's 1772 24-sheet map.   
1808 [dated] Robert Wilkinson: "Poland," London, 24 x 30 cm. From the 1809 edition
(previously issued in 1794 and 1802) of "A General Atlas, being A Collection of Maps
of the World And Quarters, the Principal Empires, Kingdoms &c. with their several
Provinces & other Subdivisions, Correctly Delineated." Additional editions were
published until his death in 1825. after which the plates were acquired by William
Darton, who then issued his own "General Atlas."
1814 Mathew Carey:
"Poland," Philadelphia,
15 x 12.5 inches. This is
the second edition of the
first map of Poland
published in the US.
Only the title has been
revised -- shortened from
the first, 1811, edition,
1811 Matthew Carey
- William Barker
(engraver): "POLAND,
Shewing the Claims of
Russia, Prussia &
Austria...," from "Guthrie's
Geography improved,"
Philadelphia, 32 x 37 cm.
See the 1814 2nd edition.

1813 [dated] A.P.H. Nordmann: "Carte du
des vormalignen ganzen Konigsreich
(Map of the entire Kingdom of
Poland, after its partition based on the surveys
of Gilly, Liesganig, Mayer, Schroetter, and
Textor, based on the atlas of Imperial Russia
of General Suchtelen. Newly designed by
A.P.H. Nordman. Vienna by Artaria and Co.)
1808 From the first pocket Russian atlas, containing maps of 54 provinces and regions
of the Russian empire, on 35 sheets.
All from
1812 Edme Mentelle:
"Carte de la Pologne: et
de la partie de la Russie
d'Europe compris entre
Vilna..," Paris, 58.0 x
61.5 cm. published by
Chez les Auteurs.
1812 [dated] Johannes Walch (carto-
: "Neue militairische
Situations Karte von West-Russland,"
Augsburg, 56.5 x 46.5 cm.
From National
Library of Latvia:
1807 Gilles Robert de Vaugondy
- Charles François
(publisher): "CARTE
from "Atlas Universel."
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1810 William Darton (mapmaker) -
(publisher): "Poland,"
London, 11 x 8 inches, in modern
color, from "An Atlas to Walker's
Geography." Compare with the
1802 versions on this page.
artlusatica on eBay
1811 [dated] William Darton Jr. (publisher): "Poland
& Prussia, from the latest authorities," London, 26 x
30 cm..
1813 Johann Ernst Knittel (mapmaker) -
Friedrich Campe
(publisher): "Neue
militairische Situations=und Post=Carte
von Polen und Preussen von I.E. Kinittel /
Nouvelle Carte militaire et routiere de la
Pologne et de la Prusse par I.E. Knittel,"
Nuremberg, 19.5 x 32.5 inches, depicting
Post and Military Roads in the region.
1815 Gennaro Bartoli (engraver):
"Prussia e Polonia, 1815," Naples, 43.2
x 29.2 cm, showing pre-partition
boundaries for the Polish - Lithuanian
Commonwealth, without actually
labeling any part of the map
"Lithuania" or "Grand Duchy."
cesgia on eBay: Old Times Rare Antiquarian
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1807 "Karte von Pohlen, König:
Preussen und den angrenzenden
Ländern...," 60 x 44 cm.
odetowhitman on eBay
1807 Franz Anton Schrämbl: "Polen in
die dermaligen Besitzungen
eingetheilt..," Vienna, 99 x 85 cm wall
c. 1807 Pierre-Gilles Chan-
laire - Edme Mentelle
(cartographers): "Carte de
l'Ancien Royaume de
Pologne...," Paris, as a fold-
ing map.
1804 Dávid Pethes:
"Lengyel Főld"
, Debrecen,
Hungary. From "New
School Atlas for the
Secondary Classes."
University of Debrecen,
Hungary, via www.
1805 [dated] Franz Lud-
wig Güssefeld
- Homann Heirs
publishers): "Charte von
den Herzogthümern
Liefland und Esthland..,"
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Franz Ludwig Güssefeld (mapmaker) - Geographisches
Institut Weimar
(publisher): "Charte von Polen..,"
Nuremberg, 18 x 21 inches, in two versions published a
year apart depicting lands lost to Russia, Austria and
Prussia in the Three Partitions. The 1807 map has had
the legend on the bottom trimmed. See Güssefeld's 1797
version, titled "Charte des  Königsreichs Polen."
albion prints
British Library, via wikimedia
"Губерния Виленская"
Vilna g.
"Губерния Минская"
Minsk g.
"Губерния Гродненская ц
Губерния Волынская ц
Губерния Белостокская"
Grodno, Volhynian Bialystok g's
1813 [dated] William
Faden: "A Map of the King-
dom of Poland and Grand
Dutchy of Lithuania...3rd
Edition," London, 22 x 24
inches. Originally pub-
lished with a different title
by Faden in 1799, and
based on the Rizzi-Zannoni
24-sheet map of 1772.
1813 Samuel John Neele (engraver/mapmaker):  both
maps created to illustrate Sir Robert Ker Porter's
"Narrative of the Campaign in Russia during the year
From U.S. Library of Congress:
"Advance of the French
Army to Moscow"
"Retreat of the French
Army from Moscow to the
bank of the Neiman"
1807 [dated] Giovanni Antonio Rizzi-
Zannoni (cartographer) - Artaria & Co.
(publisher): "Polen in die dermaligen
Besitzungen eingetheilt..."
1815 Leonard Chodźko (historian/
: "Das
Land der Polen vor seiner ersten Theilung
von1772 und im gegenwärtigen Stande
seit 1815. Mit Hinweisungen auf die
Zeitereignisse mit Angebung der
Ortsentfernungen u. Bezeichnung der
Landes u. Prov. Gränzen"
(The land of
Poland before its first division of 1772 and
the present state since 1815. With allusions
to contemporary events with availing of
local distances and the names of the country
, Freiburg im Breisgau, 17.5 x
22 inches. Tables include: regional
population statistics; table of battles for
political independence. At top right is a
map of Warsaw surrounded by Polish flags
and the words "To be or not to be," in
1806 [dated] Eustace Herisson (geographer/mapmaker
: "Carte du royaume de Prusse, de la Pologne
et de la Lithuanie où l'on peut suivre exactement la
marche des Armées Françaises," Paris, 29.5 x 20
inches, based on information compiled by Rigobert
Bonne, depicting the area at the time of the creation of
the Duchy of Warsaw by Napoleon. See the dated 1810
Harvard Map Library:
1812 "Carte de la Russie
Européenne en LXXVII
feuilles exécutée au Depôt
general de la Guerre,"
ordered by Napoleon in
preparation for his invasion
of Russia. Shown are the
source map, the cartouche,
four individual maps and
three detail maps.
Bibliotheque National de France:
Detail A6
Detail A7
1813 [dated] Rigobert Bonne (original
- Eustace Hérisson (pupil of
: "Carte routière de la
Pologne , de la Lithuanie , de la Prusse et
d'une très grande partie de la Russie
d'Europe... où l'on peut suivre la marche
des armées françaises..,"
(Road map of
Poland, Lithuania, Prussia and a large part
of European Russia ... where you can
follow the march of the French armies...).
From  Bibliotheque National de France:
1812 John Pinkerton
(geographer/carto- grapher)
- S & J Neele
(engraver) -
Cadell & Davies
"Poland," Edinburgh, 28 x
20 inches, from "Pinkerton's
Modern Atlas," published
1808 - 1815, with an
American version by Dobson
& Co. in 1818, on this site.
Giovanni Valerio Pasquali (engraver): "LA POLONIA:
di nuova Projezione," Venice, 17.6 x 21.3 cm.
1807 [dated]
"Geografia universale"
Vilnius Univ. Library:
1810 [dated]
"Nuovo Atlante Portatile"
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c. 1812 "Tableau des opér-
ations de la Grande Armée
depuis l'ouverture de la
campagne jusqu'au 21
aout 1812”
(Table of
operations of the Grande
Armée since the opening of
the campaign until August
21, 1812).
From Library of
1807 ("Karta Guberni:...
Estlandskoi, Liflandskoi...
in Cyrillic, from
"Atlas of Russia."
DSpace at the Univ. of Tartu:
1816 Edward Baines:
"Chart Illustrative of the
CAMPAIGNS of the Wars
of the French Revolution
in Germany, Poland,
Russia & France," Leeds,
15 x 9 inches.
1816 William Faden
: "A Map of
POLAND ...4th Ed.,"
London, 21 x 23.8
inches, based on
Rizzi-Zannoni's 24-sheet
1816 [dataed] "Хранение
файлов: 1816. Подробная
карта Россійской Имперіи
и близъ лежащихъ
заграничныхъ владенiй,
лист 17."
(Detailed map of
the Russian Empire, sheet 17
- Estonia and northern
, St. Petersburg.
From: Univ. of Tartu - http:
1816 Charles Smith:
"POLAND," London, with
boundaries of the pre-
partition Common-
wealth, and those of
1816 Matthew Carey -
Benjamin Warner:
"Poland From the best
Authorities," Phila-
delphia, 18 x 20 cm.,
from their "A General
c. 1815-16 John Thomson (publisher): "POLAND," Edinburgh, 48 x 58 cm, on sheet 54 x 73
cm, in a transitional state, from Thomson's "New General Atlas." See the second state from
McMaster Univ. Library: https://digitalarchive.
1814 Matthew Cary
(original cartographer) -
Samuel John Neele
(engraver) - William
(publisher): "A
Map of Poland from the
best Authorities," London,
34.5 x 27.5 cm, in an
outdated rendering of
Cary's 1805 map, from
Guthrie's "A New Geo-
graphical Historical and
Commercial Grammar.”
The Internet Archive:
1810 [dated] Eustace
: "Carte du
Royaume de Prusse, de la
Pologne et de la Lithuanie marche des Armées
Françaises," Paris. See the
1806 version.
1807 [dated] Gilles Robert de Vaugondy
(original mapmaker) - Charles Francois
(updating mapmaker/
: "Carte generale du theatre de la
guerre en Pologne..," Paris, issued upon the
Treaties of Tilsit. See the 1817 version of
this map.
From Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee,
1803 [dated] William
Darton, Jr:
: "Poland,"
From trilobitesuk
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c. 1810 Samuel John Neele (engraver) - William Guthrie
(geographer/historian/publisher): "A Map of Poland from
the best Authorities," London, 21.2 x 18.6 cm, from
"Guthrie's A New Geographical Historical and
Commercial Grammar."
1804 [dated] Giovanni Antonio
Rizzi-Zannoni: "CARTE GENERALE
DE LA POLOGNE..," in the 5th
State. Click the link to see how to
identify States 1-5.
From maklize on
c. 1812 Fr. Schneider
(mapmaker) - Ludwig
"Schauplatz des Franzö-
sisch-Russischen Krieges
im Jahr 1812," Berlin,
38 x 36 cm.
From Collection
of August von Haxthausen:
https:// sammlungen.
1810 [dated] Franz Güsse-
(cartographer) -
Weimar Geogr. Inst.
(publisher): "Charte von
Polen. Nach dem Frieden
zu Tilsit vom 9. July
1807," 51 x 45 cm.
Münster Univ.- und Landes-
bibliothek: https://sammlungen
1803 (Anon.): "Pologne," Paris? 19.5 cm x
16.5 cm.
From bezakeo on
Yale's Beinecke Library:
National Library of Poland
c. 1809 Tomas Lopez: "
Madrid, 45 x 52 cm. See
the dated 1786 version,
and a smaller 1792 Lopez
From Biblioteca
Nacional de España:
1817 [dated] Bartolomeo
: "Come fu e
come trovasidivisa al
presente la Polonia," Florence,
23.5 x 32 cm, from "Atlante
1817 [dated]  Charles Francois
Delamarche - Robert de Vaugondy:
"Nouveau Royaume de Pologne..."
Paris, 19.1 x 24.0 inches, showing
pre-Partition and Congress of
Vienna boundaries. See the 1807
version of this map, with Treaties
of Tilsit boundaries.
From Univ. of
Virginia Library:
1817 [dated] Carl Kretschmer (artist/
: "Karte von Kurland." From the
State Archives in Poznan, Poland:
archivesinpoland via
1817 John & George Menzies (engravers) - John Thomson (publisher): "POLAND, AS
DIVIDED," 19 3/4 x 23 5/8 inches, Edinburgh, "drawn and engraved" for the first
edition of his "New General Atlas," dated 1814 but actually published 1817.  See the
first state of this map c. 1815-16.
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1813 [dated] to 1817 J. & G. Menzies of Edinburgh were engravers for Edinburgh publisher John Thomson and others beginning 1819,   
according to Tooley, but one of the three following maps with their imprint is dated 1813, and Kevin Brown at Geographicus says the firm
started 1811. That line on the plate: "J. & G. Menzies Sculp.t Edin." under the bottom right frameline, is what these three maps, titled
"POLAND As Divided," have in common. There is no mention of what is under the middle of the frameline on identical maps: "Drawn and
Engraved for Thomson's New General Atlas."
All three versions from the National Library of Poland via
Dated 1813
1814, with a glued-on "No.32"
1817, with a glued-on "No.32"
AND increased forest cover on the plate
vs. the 1813 version
NEW January 31
National Library of Poland
1814 [dated 1813] C. Gros (mapmaker) -
John Walker (engraver) -  John Barfield
(publisher): "Map of Poland, Prussia and
Hungary..," London, 30 x 33 cm, from the
first edition of "Lavoisine's Historical Atlas."
See the dated 1820, 1821, 1828 versons.
National Library of Poland