Topographical Maps: New East Prussia, 1808-15
German: Neu Ostpreußen; Polish: Prusy Nowowschodnie; Lithuanian: Naujieji Rytprūsiai
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As an aftermath of the Third, 1795, Partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, former Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL) lands -- including Augustavas (Pol.: Augustów) and Suvalkija
(Pol.: Suwałki ) were annexed by Prussia, and included in "New East Prussia." New East Prussia was divided into the Kammerdepartements Bialystok -- former GDL lands -- and Płock which were divided
into the following counties
(Kreise): Białystok Department: Bialystok, Bielsk, Bobrz, Dombrowa, Drohiczyn, Kalwary, Lomza, Mariampol, Surasz, Wygry
Płock Department: Lipno, Mlawa, Ostrolenka, Plozk, Przasnik, Pultusk, Wyszogrod.

1806, the area, with a population of 914,610 within a territory of less than 21,236 square miles/55,000 km², was conquered by Napoleon and overrun in the Greater Poland Uprising. The July 9, 1807
Treaty of Tilsit divided those former GDL lands: Plock Department went to the Duchy of Warsaw. Prussian troops contributed, alongside the British and Dutch, to the final victory over Napoleon in the Battle
of Waterloo of June 1815. The Final Act of the Congress of Vienna was signed on
June 9, 1815, a few days before the Battle of Waterloo. Prussia was given the recovery of territories including the Rhineland,
Westphalia, 40% of Saxony and some other territories. In exchange, Prussia withdrew from areas of central Poland and allowed the creation of Congress Poland under Russian sovereignty. The area remained
in nominal Polish hands until WWI. Białystok Department became, from
1807 to 1842, Belostok Oblast within the Russian Empire, after which it was merged into Grodno guberniya.
1808 Daniel Friedrich Sotzman (Kingdom Minister for War/geographer/mapmaker) - Heinrich Kliewer (engraver):
"Topographisch Militärische Karte, vom vormaligen Neu Ostpreußen oder dem jetzigen Nördlichen Theil des Herzogthums
Warschau, nebst dem Russischen District...auf XV Blaetter reducirt..."
(Topographical Military Map of the former New East
Prussia or the present Northern part of the Duchy of Warsaw, together with the Russian District...reduced to 15 sheets)
, Berlin.
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1808 Robert Wilkinson: "PRUSSIA,"
London, 24 x 29 cm, from his "A
General Atlas," published from 1800 to
Map duplicated from the "Lithuania
Minor" page here to show New East
Prussia's location, relative to the rest of
Prussia, and to  the remnants of the
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
1815 [dated] Friedrich Wilhelm Streit (Director, Geographisches Institute, Weimar) - Carl Ferdinand Weiland
(mapmaker/engraver): “Topographisch militarische Charte von den Königreichen Preussen und Polen in 85 Sectionen,"
Weimar, 31.5 x 41.5 cm -- and some smaller -- sectional maps.
From the National Library of Poland via
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