Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps and Books
Toronto, Canada
Specialist dealers, since 1982, in 15th to 19th century Prints, Maps and Books. The gallery offers one of the largest selections of Prints
and Maps in North America.

Antykwariat Online
"We have been selling antique prints, books, postcards, posters, leaflets, maps and town plans since 1993.  We offer over 30 000 books,
about 4 000 prints, and about 8,000 postcards, mostly from past and present Polish territories, but also from around the world. Our
prices range from less than $10 to the low four-figures, and we accept payment from Paypal."  
Allow Google to translate the site for you,
"Click on 'Oferta ikonografii.' Try keywords as Litwa, podlaskie, Podlasie, Bialorus etc."

Antiquariat Reinhold Berg e.K.

Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps
LaJolla, California
We Feature Fine & Rare Original Antique Maps, Sea Charts & Atlases from the 15th to 19th Centuries. Over 10,000 Authentic Antique
Maps, Sea Charts & Atlases From All Parts of the World Illustrated & Described on-line. Whether you are new to collecting antique maps
or an experienced collector, we welcome you to our internet gallery and look forward to helping you with your collection. Please call or
email us with any questions, or visit us in our gallery.

Beach Antique Maps & Prints
Cambridge and Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Antique maps – especially miniatures and city plans -- and engraved prints for sale from all areas of the world, dating from the mid
1500's to the late 1800's, with online stock, as well as stock at retail locations in Cambridge and Toronto, Ontario.

Bibliotheque Nationale de France
Over 20,000 viewable -- public domain-downloadable -- maps, as well as photos, prints, and manuscripts.

New York, NY
Specialist dealers in fine and rare antiquarian cartography and historic maps of the 15th through 19th centuries. A large portion of our
constantly growing and changing inventory of authentic antique maps is available in our online gallery for your study and enjoyment.

Jonathan Potter Ltd.
London, England
Jonathan Potter Limited has existed as a trading concern since 1974 when Jonathan, having been a teenage collector, decided to turn his
enthusiasm and a little knowledge of old maps into a career.  Since then the business has developed to become one of the world’s best
known and respected dealerships with a clientele of many thousands of collectors, decorators and occasional buyers as well as many of
the world’s major institutions and libraries.

Welcome to the most comprehensive database of its kind in the world. It contains 89672 locations with over 38.691 name changes once,
and 5,500 twice and more. All locations are EAST of the Oder and Neisse rivers and are based on the borders of the eastern provinces in
Spring 1918. Included in this database are the following provinces: Eastprussia, including Memel, Westprussia, Brandenburg, Posen,
Pomerania, and Silesia. It currently list most towns or points, points being: Mills, some bridges, battlefields, named trees, cenotaphs etc.
New map page:

Librairie Le Bail
Paris, France
Maps and atlases, illustrated books, natural history, travel/voyage

Librairie Loeb-Larocque
Paris, France
Loeb-Larocque Rare Maps and Books specializes in maps, atlases and travel books from the 16th - 19th century.

Map Archive of Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny 1919 - 1939
An amazing site of downloadable high-resolution maps of the 19th and 20th century from Eastern Europe and Germany.

Map Mogul
London, England
Map Mogul Ltd supplies high quality original antiquarian maps and atlases from the 15th to 19th century. Maps by the most influential
cartographers, over all periods, are represented in our catalogue. Our maps reflect the discovery of the world and the changes in the
cartographic record over half a millennium.

Maps of Belarus
Part of the Virtual Guide to Belarus - a collaborative project of Belarusian scientists and professionals  abroad. VG brings you the most
extensive compilation of the information about Belarus on the Web.

Miklian Maps
New York, NY and Oslo, Norway
Miklian Antiquarian Maps was founded to cater directly to those collectors ignored by high-end antique map dealers that sell only
$10,000+ museum-quality pieces. We stock rare, unique, and original maps from the 1700s and 1800s at reasonable prices that we feel
will be valued not only today for their aesthetic and presentation value, but have the potential for significant appreciation as collector's
items in the generations to come. And our collection is always growing. Every week we add 50-100 maps.

New York Public Library Digital Gallery
NYPL Digital Gallery provides free and open access to over 700,000 images digitized from the The New York Public Library's vast
collections, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints, photographs and

Paulus Swaen
Paulus Swaen Internet Auction is the first internet auction specializing in old maps, Medieval manuscripts and prints. It is a unique place
for buying and selling maps, atlases, books, and medieval manuscripts. We have been in the map business for 30 years. We sell antique
maps, old prints, atlases, globes, travel books.

The Philadelphia Print Shop
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Our inventory encompasses a wide selection of original prints, maps and books from the 15th through the 19th centuries. These include
woodcuts, engravings and lithographs, many with original hand coloring, ranging in price from $25 to $125,000…We also carry one of
the country’s broadest inventories of antique maps and views of all parts of the world, with special emphasis on America. Cartographers
represented include Sebastian Munster, Abraham Ortelius, Gerard Mercator and Willem Blaeu.

Old World Auctions
Antique Map & Chart Auctions: Specialists in original antique & rare maps, charts, globes and atlases since 1977. Each auction sale
features antique maps and charts, plus vintage graphics, medieval manuscripts and cartographic reference books.

Robert Putman Antique Maps & Atlases
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
If asked for a specialty, I admit sea-charts. As a young man I was an officer, both in the merchant marine and the Royal Dutch Navy
and interest in the sea started my career as an antiquarian. In 1983 I wrote a book, titled “Early Sea Charts”-since long out of print- in
2005 followed by a book about 17th century Dutch sea-charts, called ‘Nederlandse Zeekaarten in de Gouden Eeuw’ . A new activity of
mine is the Virtual Antique Map Fair where a varying number of attending antique map dealers
offer their material to the visiting map collectors.

Sanderus Antiquariaat
Ghent, Belgium
Antiquariaat Sanderus, named after the famous Flemish historian, Antonius Sanderus, specialises in antiquarian books, medieval
manuscripts, antique maps and prints from the 15th to the 18th centuries. We have an extensive stock of antique maps of all parts of the
world, a beautiful collection of old atlases including Cl. Ptolemaeus, A. Ortelius, Braun & Hogenberg, G. Mercator, W. & J. Blaeu, N.
Visscher, a wide range of old illustrated books and prints.

Simon Hunter Antique Maps
I have been involved in the world of antiques for longer than I care to remember, but I first began to specialise in antique maps at the
end of the 1980s. Simon Hunter Antique Maps was launched in January 1989 from an antiques gallery in Meeting House Lane in
Brighton. I started working from home in 1998, concentrating on antique map fairs in London and on issuing printed catalogues. The
advent of the Internet soon led to the setting up of a website, where I have thousands of maps at reasonable prices.

WWII Aerial Photos and Maps
This site contains digitized copies of maps, still photos, and aerial photographs copied primarily from originals in the U.S. National
Archives, the U.S. Library of Congress, and donations from fellow researchers. The aerial photographs were taken in and around large
cities such as Leningrad, Moscow, Stalingrad, and Warsaw and of rural areas around these cities. Target Dossier photos were taken of
cities, towns, and villages throughout Eastern Europe and North Africa. The maps include scales of 1:1000 000, 1:500 000, 1:300 000,
1:100 000, 1:50 000 and 1:25 000 and cover many major battles and campaigns. Still photos cover areas in Eastern and Western
Europe and categories such as ships, tanks, and planes. There are collections of German and Russian daily reports and situation maps
and many other types of maps. I HAVE HIGHER QUALITY VERSIONS OF MOST OF THE IMAGES ON THIS SITE. Email me if you
need them. None of the images on this web site are for sale. They are available free of any charge for the purpose of historical research.

General Reference Information: Dictionary of Mapmakers
An illustrated list of makers of maps, charts and globes from the earliest time of cartography to present.

LitvakSIG: Lithuanian Special Interest Group
LitvakSIG is the primary Internet resource for Lithuanian-Jewish (Litvak) genealogy research worldwide. Our mission is to preserve
Litvak heritage by discovering, collecting, documenting, and disseminating information about the once vibrant Jewish community of
Lithuania. LitvakSIG has long-term relationships with the archives in Lithuania. We organize a number of geographic-specific project
groups whose primary purpose is to identify and collect data from available records for Lithuania from the Russian Empire Period and
Independent Lithuania. Contributors to our projects gain access to the data we collect in Excel format. This website is
our platform for providing the information we collect and our searchable databases to the public. In addition, we host a private website
for our Dues-Paying Membership:, which has additional content including records, catalogs of
selected Lithuanian Archives, and scholarly articles. Some highlights of our work include the
All Lithuania Database (ALD), a free,
searchable database that currently has over 1.1 million records and is updated quarterly. The LitvakSIG Online Journal, an edited,
online journal with articles of interest to people researching their Litvak heritage. And the LitvakSIG Discussion List, a moderated
Internet discussion forum for the exchange of information on Litvak genealogy research.
(AK: I have been a member of LitvakSIG for
over ten years -- my site is hotlinked on their members-only site, and I offer to research, and send digital images, of folks doing research on
their Litvak relatives and ancestors. Litvaks and ethnic Lithuanians lived side by side in historic Lithuania since the 15th century, when
they were officially welcomed to live there.)

This website is organized exclusively for educational purposes: to promote and encourage the study, understanding, preservation and
appreciation of the philately and postal history of Lithuania. Our philatelic links directory is especially useful for its hand-picked links to
Lithuania philatelic organizations, philatelic experts, philatelic auctions, stamp catalogs, rare stamps, and private collections online. Our
aim is to make it the most comprehensive specialized Lithuanian philatelic directory on the Internet. The second goal of this site is not
only to provide links, but also to provide a reference point for collectors and dealers of stamps, and other philatelic items.

Articles on maps:
Lithuanian Historical Maps
A Lithuanian website -- with an English version -- with numerous maps of the historic Lithuanian area.
David Rumsey Map Collection:
The David Rumsey Map Collection was started over 25 years ago and contains more than 150,000 maps. The collection focuses on rare
18th and 19th century maps of North and South America, although it also has maps of the World, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. The
collection includes atlases, wall maps, globes, school geographies, pocket maps, books of exploration, maritime charts, and a variety of
cartographic materials including pocket, wall, children's, and manuscript maps. Items range in date from about 1700 to 1950s.
Digitization of the collection began in 1996 and there are now over 39,000 items online, with new additions added regularly. The site is
free and open to the public. Here viewers have access not only to high resolution images of maps that are extensively cataloged, but also
to a variety of tools that allow to users to compare, analyze, and view items in new and experimental ways. Maps are uniquely suited to
high-resolution scanning because of the large amount of detailed information they contain. In their original form, maps and atlases can
be large, delicate, and unwieldy. Digitization increases their accessibility, and when combined with online catalogs, they can be searched
in a variety of ways. The site allows public access to rare maps that have been hidden or available only to a few.
The New York Map Society
The New York Map Society offers educational, academic and research programs for anyone interested in maps. Our members currently
include scholars, librarians, collectors, preservationists, artists, map-makers, and those who simply love of maps, both real and fictional.   
The Society serves as a community-based organization, informing the public of a variety of map-related events. Monthly meetings usually
feature a guest speaker, and are an opportunity to meet, share interests, and socialize with, fellow map-lovers.
The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
A wonderful collection of online digital maps of the historic Lithuanian area.
In the vastness of the World Wide Web when necessary could not find a single collection of old, vintage, historical, and just interesting
cards belonging to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, ie to the current territory of the Republic of Belarus (also in Belarus, Belarusian SSR)
well, and partly to Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia and Poland.Thus was born the idea for this blog portal site.
In order to download the maps you do not need to pay money. We do not make money selling maps, charts and diagrams!
Lithuanian National Museum: Kazys Varnelis House     
The collection of Kazys Varnelis, which had been gathered for fifty years and was later given to Lithuania as a gift, enriches
substantially the sets of Lithuanian cultural values, fills in the gaps of the collections possessed by Lithuania, and introduces new
exhibition principles. The exceptional map collection of Kazys Varnelis is displayed in the Front Hall. The collection contains such
objects as the oldest (1576) Vilnius city plan from the Third Volume of Civitates Orbis Terrarum (Eng. Cities of the World) by Georg
Braun; an imposing example of the Renaissance cartography, i.e. the map of Mikołaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł (the Orphan) (second edition
from the 1631 atlas by Willem Blaeu); and the 1735 map of Lithuania Minor (with attached plan of Gusev) signifying the territories
inhabited by Salzburg colonists.
Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe: "Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe offers a collection of small and large scale historical
maps of the lands of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Pale of Jewish Settlement in late Tsarist Russia.
Thousands of communities can be found in these images where our ancestors lived and eventually left.
Old Maps / Senizemelapiai
The project has been set up to fund the creation of a unique cartographic and bookinistic collection which represents formation modern
Lithuanian. The collection will be a granted to the library of Vilnius University. The offered maps are only originals. They come from
reputable sources – maps were once part of collections and now are presented for your attention. Our website is the only specialised
shop of antique maps in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia).
Osher Map Library
As an integral part of a comprehensive metropolitan university within the University of Maine System, the Osher Map Library and
Smith Center for Cartographic Education [OML] is committed to preserving the cartographic heritage of the state, region, and nation
for future generations, and to making that heritage accessible to the University, the people of Maine, and to all other students, scholars,
and visitors. It shares its collections through exhibitions and through collaborative efforts with other cultural institutions.
Also has  
online digital maps an prints of the historic Lithuanian area.
Antique Maps
"Who we ( are:
We are a small group of antique map and atlas collectors who got tired of paying fees to auction houses (from 10% to 35%) and would
like to help people from all over the world to sell, buy, exchange or request the antique maps and atlases they do not need or looking for
without any charge!
"How To Purchase:
This website is not an e-shop and if you are interested in purchasing of one of the items please contact the seller by the email whom you
will find at the bottom of product page. You will buy directly from the item owner without any extra fee from our webpage! Always ask
a seller for more detailed pictures and description! If it's your first purchase from particular seller, we are strongly recomend to use safe
and protected payment with PayPal!
"How To Sell:
If you want to sell an original antique map or atlas printed before 1800 please contact us by email: . If it  
will fit to all criteria we will send you the simple form to fill in about the item you are selling. We will place all information to our
webpage by ourselves. You will sell directly to the customer without any extra fee from our webpage! As we have very limited  
resources one collector can have up to 20 active items on our webpage."
Royal Danish Library
Not even just an amazing collection of downloadable high-definition maps of Lithuania, Poland, and Livonia, but even a collection of early
Lithuanian books in the Royal collection
Daniel Crouch Rare Books and Maps
Daniel Crouch Rare Books is a specialist dealer in antique atlases, maps, plans, sea charts and voyages dating from the fifteenth to the
nineteenth centuries. Our carefully selected stock also includes a number of fine prints and globes, and a selection of cartographic
reference books. Our particular passions include rare atlases, wall maps, and separately published maps and charts. We strive to acquire
unusual and quirky maps that are in fine condition.
The National Library of Poland: Biblioteka Narodawa, via
An amazing resource for downloadable, high-definition, antique maps of Lithuania and Poland
Maps of historical Belarus, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and of Europe  
" indexes over 400.000 maps. This is only thanks to the archives and libraries that were open to the idea and provided
their online content. All new participants are warmly welcomed."
Altea Gallery
"Antique Maps of all parts of the World, also Rare Sea Charts, Atlases and Old Globes from the 15th to the 20th century. Established in
1992, our gallery is located in London's Mayfair."
The American Geographical Society  Library Digitized Map Collection
at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, contains over 14,000 maps
Argosy Book Store
The Argosy Gallery, located on the second floor of the book store, has one of the most extensive collections of antique maps in New York
City. A small selection of our materials are available online, but these are merely a sampling of the vast quantity of maps, sea charts,
atlases and globes in our collection. One step inside our intimate space and you'll realize that you could spend hours looking and only
scratch the surface. Organized in folders by location, our materials are available for you to browse. Whether you have something specific
in mind or just want to take a look around, you're bound to find something that delights and often surprises you.
Ball State University Digital Media Repository
Ball State University Libraries' Digital Collections derive in part from physical documents housed within the University's Archives and
Special Collections or at partnering museums, libraries, historical societies, and similar institutions. These materials are made broadly and
publicly accessible as part of the historical record and for educational purposes.
Brown University, John Carter Brown Library
A database of cartographic representations in the collection of the John Carter Brown Library, both separately held maps, as well as maps
in books.
The collection of old cartography – including atlases, historical maps, manuscript plot plans and blueprints – consists of valuable Lithuanian
and European historic and cultural heritage objects, constantly under scrutiny of scientists and cartography enthusiasts alike. The
proveniences of atlas collection show that Vilnius University Library’s cartography collection is not only the richest in Lithuania, but also one
of the most unique in entire Eastern Europe.
University of Michigan, Clark Library
This collection contains images of maps from the Stephen S. Clark Library for Maps, Government Information and Data Services' map
collection. The images in this collection are in the public domain but please attribute access and use of these digitized maps to the Stephen S.
Clark Library, University of Michigan Library. The print map collection from which these maps originate contains over 370,000 maps and is
the principal collection for cartographic materials at the University of Michigan. We house the largest collection of printed maps in the state
of Michigan, and one of the largest at an academic institution.
Indiana University, Bloomington: Russian Military topographic collection
The IU collection of these (mostly) former Soviet Red Army topographic maps came to us from the duplicate map room of the Library of
Congress Map Collection. While by no means complete, this collection is a fine addition to our existing international map holdings. These
maps have a great story to tell: some carry the stamp from both the University of Berlin and the University of Bonn Geography
Departments, some are stamped "Captured Map", some carry the ID of the CIA Map Library or the Bureau of Geographic Names, and still
others are hand-annotated. They are in a variety of conditions (paper, laminated, photographically reproduced in color or black and white,
plasticized, or muslin-backed). The collection ranges from around 1880-1945.
Universite Bordeaux Montaigne map collection
The university's map library has several tens of thousands of maps. Here we offer a selection of 2,336 of the most interesting old maps
(before 1945).
Lithuania Poland Maps
On the LPMAPS.LT website you will find a private collection of Lithuanian maps, city images, engravings. The aim of the website is to
popularize the greatest period of Lithuanian history, which is reflected in the maps of the 15th-19th centuries. If you are interested or
collecting maps, you are invited to write an email to
Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia
The Institute gathers ancient and modern cartographic documentation from all over the world: you can find loose maps, atlases, globes or
embossed maps from the 15th to the 21st century and from all topics: topographic, geological, tourist, hydrographic or war, to name a few.
You will also find panoramic photographs of landscapes, views of the world and old image maps such as photoplans, photomosaics and
orthophotomaps. This collection allows you to travel around Europe from the 16th century to the 20th century through almost two
thousand printed maps.
Map Collection of August von Haxthausen at the University of Münster, Germany
Over 1,500 digitized maps
Adina Sommer
We are specialist dealers in antique maps and prints, established since 1979, offering fine and rare antique maps of all regions of the world.
Our collection is part of thousands of antique maps, available on-line and by appointment. All maps and charts with emphasis on the time of
the voyages and the discovery of the world. All antique maps , atlases decorative prints and sea charts, are guaranteed authentic antiques
and were printed more than hundred years ago, most of them in the 16th and 17th century. We are well known as international antiquarian
dealers in early cartographic material, such as maps and atlases but also in decorative prints like representations of flowers, professions and
animals. All fine antique maps are showing all parts of the world issued by all the great cartographers, like Laurent Fries, Martin
Waldseemüller after Ptolomy, Willhem Linschoten, Sebastian Münster, Abraham Ortelius, Gerhard and Cornelius de Jode, Gerhard
Mercator, Jodocus Hondius, Willhem and Johan Blaeu, Matthias Seutter, Johann Babtiste Homann ,J. Jansson, P.Goos, P.Coronelli, J.P.
d´Anneville, Zatta, Cassini etc.
Berkeley Library, University of California: Captured German Map
During World War II and in its immediate aftermath the U.S. Army Map Service (AMS) acquired large quantities of captured German World
War II maps which were important planning tools for the war of aggression waged by the Nazi regime and document the exploitation of
resources in Nazi-occupied territories. These maps proved invaluable to U.S. military planners during the early Cold War years, particularly
German military map series covering eastern and southeastern Europe. By the mid-1950s, however, the U.S. Army Map Service started to
deposit these German maps in U.S. research libraries. Today the German World War II maps form important legacy collections in many
American map libraries, including the UC Berkeley Library map collection. After 1945, U.S. map libraries largely focused on cataloging and
promoting the English-language American AMS and British GSGS World War II maps. Resource descriptions created for German World
War II military map series were rudimentary at best and even today generally consist of bare bones cataloging records that lack access
points and commonly include mis-attributions. As a result, in many ways the holdings of German World War II military map series in
American map libraries represent hidden collections.