Maps: 1701 - 1709
1702 Guillaume Delisle: "La
Pologne ...," Paris, 48 x 63 cm. /
24.5 x 19 inches.
1702 Daniel de La Feuille: "Le Royaume
de Pologne avec ses confins," Amster-
dam, 14.8 x 21.0 cm, from "Atlas
Portatif." Compare with versions from
1707, 1708, 1717, 1732, 1747 and
From the National Library of Latvia:
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1702 Gabriel Bodenehr I (engraver) - Georg Kuhnen (publisher) -  Johann Ulrich Müller
: three consecutive pages, and their maps in detail, from "Neu-außgefertigter Atlas"
(New little Atlas)
, Ulm. A Frankfurt edition, published by P. Andrea, came out the same year.
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Carel Allard (engraver/publisher): "Regni Poloniæ,
Magni Ducatus Lithuaniæ...," Amsterdam, 50 ×
58.50 cm / 19.7 x 23 inches, from his "Atlas Major,"
issued in multiple undated editions both by Carel and
later by his son Hugo.
1703 Nicolas de Fer: "Estats de la Couronne de Pologne," Paris, 5.5 x 6 inches, in four versions from the third edition of
Robbe's "Methode pour apprendre geographie." Compare with the 1689 first edition.
1703 Nicholas Sanson:
DE LITHUANIE..." 22.5 x
17 inches. A very late
edition, in a 5th State of
the plate, issued by his
1705 [dated] Nicolas de Fer - C. Iselin (engraver): "Les Estats de la Couronne de  Pologne," Paris, 8 x 5 1/2 inches, from
the second edition of de Fer's "Petit et Nouveau Atlas." See the 1697 first edition version. Third and last edition: 1723.
1705 [dated] Petrus Schenk(en) (engraver/publisher): "Friderico Augusto, vere Augusto, Polon. Lithuan. Borus. Pomer., Regi. Duci. Principi., Saxon. Utr. Duci. S. Imp. Elect., Haec.
Imperii. Sui. Regna."
(Poland at the time of Augustus II the Strong, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony), Amsterdam, 19 x 23 inches, in different versions, after Nicolas Sanson
d'Abbeville, whose maps Schenk, and his partner Gerard Valk, were granted the right to copy and publish in 1695.
1706 Pierre Duval: "Les
Royaumes du Nort,"
Paris, 15.75 x 21.875
Hmmm..does this
map look familiar? Check
out the 1705 de Fer,
illustrated just above.
1704 Robert Morden:
"POLAND," London, 4 x 5
inches, from his miniature
atlas "Geography
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1701 Herman Moll: "POLAND," London, as
an engraving for another publisher of a
miniature atlas. With a
DETAIL image of
the map.  
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1707 Guillaume Delisle: "LA
POLOGNE," Paris, 19.75 x 26.625,
in a second state, based on the
address in the cartouche.
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CONFINES," London, engraved for yet another atlas. Also a
DETAIL image of the map, as well as an image of the preceding
page, where the commentary on Poland begins.
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1708 Charles Inselin
POLOGNE...," Paris, 67 x
47 cm, by this engraver
of numerous maps for de
Fer and Duval.
Bibliotheque nationale de
Daniel de La Feuille: "Le Royaume de Pologne avec ses Confins," from "Atlas Portatif.,"
Amsterdam, 14.5 x 21 cm / 5.75 x 8.25 inches, in versions from 1707 and 1708. Compare
with versions from 1702, 1717, 1732, 1747 and 1753.
1708 John Senex (mapmaker) - John Maxwell (publisher): "POLAND Corrected from the Observations Commun-
icated to the Royal Society at London and at Paris. Is humbly Dedicated to Sr. James Hallett Kt. Citizen of London..,"
London, 25.5 x 37.5 inches, in three versions. This two-sheet copperplate map is one of the largest maps of Poland
ever to appear in an atlas.
1706 Frederick de Wit -
Pierre Mortier
"Ducatuum Livoni et
Curlandiæ Nova Tabula,"
Amsterdam, 49 x 41 cm.
From the National Library of
1702-07 Johann Homann (engraver/cartographer):
"Hanc Regni Poloniarvm Magniqve Dvcatvs
Lithvaniæ..," Nürnberg, 61 x 52 cm., with dedication to
Queen Anne: "Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland"
from 1702-07, from "Atlas Royal."
1708 Guillaume Delisle: "La Pologne," Paris, 24.50 x 19 inches, in two versions of the third state: see
address in the cartouche. Compare with 1702 (first state) and 1707 (second state) versions.
1704 Philip Johan Jaquez:
"Map of Saaremaa and
western Estonia")
, Kures-
(Arensburg) on
(Ösel), based on
a map from 1650.  
From the
Estonian Historical Archives via
1705 Nicholas Sanson  (cartographer) - Anthoine de Winter (engraver):  "De Staten van
de Kroon POOLEN," Amsterdam , 19 x 25.6 cm, in three versions from Francois
Halma's Dutch edition of A. Pherotee de la Croix's "Nouvelle Methode Pour Apprendre
facilement la Geographie Universelle."
1705 Guillaume Delisle -
Covens & Mortier: "Estats
de la Couronne de Pologne
Subdivises Suivant..," 24
x 17.8 inches. Based on
Delisle's 1702 map.
the Royal Danish Library:
Dated 1665 "Partie de Lithuanie ou sont
les PALATINATS de Wilna et Troki,
subdivises en leurs Chastellenies, et Partie
du Palatinat de Minsk"
Dated 1666 "Partie de Lithuanie ou sont
les PALATINATS de Minsk et Mseislaw, et
les Seign. Terres de Rohaczow, Rzeczica,
Zernobel et partie des Dvches Novogrodek
sewierski et de Zernihow"
Dated 1665 "Partie de Lithuanie ou sont
MSEISLAW, Et partie de Minsk. Avec le
Dvche de Smolensko"
Dated 1665 "Partie de Lithuanie ou sont
LITAWSKI, subdivise en ses Chastellenies
Avec les Duches de Neswies, et Slusk, et
Partie du Palatinat de Minsk"
c. 1709 G. Sanson (geographer/publisher) - Peyrounin (engraver) - Cloistre de S Nicolas du Louvre (publisher): "Partie de Lithuanie ou sont les Palatinats de..." Paris -- a series of maps
illustrating The Grand Duchy of Lithuania's administrative regions within an atlas titled "Cartes et Tables de la Geographie Ancienne et Nouvelle ou Methode pour s'Instruire Avec facilite
de la Geographie, et Connoistre des Empires, Monarchies, Royaumes, Estats, Republiques, et Peuples ... Par les Srs. Sanson, Geographes du Roy ... A Paris. Chez l'Autheur ... 1697."
and Tables of Geography Ancient and Modern or Methods for Easy Instruction of the Geography and Understanding of Empires, Monarchies, Kingdoms, States, Republics, and Peoples ... By Srs.
Sanson, Geographers to the King ... In Paris ... House of the Author ... 1697.)
The title page is dated 1697, but there are maps within the atlas dated 1709, and the maps of parts of Lithuania
are dated from 1665 to 1666 -- and maps from that time are on this site. Compare these maps with those published in those years.
All images from
1703 Nicholas Sanson (mapmaker) - Guillaume Sanson
(publisher): "La CURLANDE Duche et SEMIGALLE
autrefois de la LIVONIE. La SAMOGITE Duche en
LITUANIE," Paris, 21.5 x 16.5 inches. / 54.5 x 42.0 cm.,
in uncolored and colored versions from "Cartes et Tables
de la Geographie Ancienne et Nouvelle..."
1704 Gabriel Bodenehr the Elder (engraver/publisher):
"Der Nordischen Königreich - Süd-Ost Thiel:
Begreiffende Liefland, Ingermanland, und Finnland,
zum Thiel," Augsburg,  11.7 x 6.4 inches / 29.7 x 16.3
cm, from his "Atlas Curieux..."
1705 Nicolas de Fer: "Carte Des Estats De Suede, De Dannemarq, Et De Pologne sur la
Mer Baltique [right cartouche]; Estats des Couronnes de Dannemark, Suede, et Pologne
fur la Mer Baltique" [left cartouche], Paris, 17.3 x 27.7 inches / 44 x 70 cm, as two
joined sheets. Engraved by Hendrik Van Loon, first published 1700.
"LXXVI: Pohlen theilet
sich ..."
"LXXVII: Litthauen theilet
sich ..."
"LXXVIII: Die erste
Abtheilung von Pohlen ..."
1709 Herman Moll:
"POLAND, According to
Neweft Obfervations" by
this German geographer,
mapmaker and engraver,
who settled in London in
the 1670's.
From www.
1708 Alexis Hubert Jaillot (sculptor/geographer/publisher): "Estats de la Couronne de Pologne Subdivisés Suivant
l'estendue des Palatinats" Paris, 47 x 66 cm, in versions of the fifth state of the plate, based on work  by Nicolas
Sanson. Compare with  Sanson's 1655 First State.
1708 Alexis Hubert Jaillot (sculptor/
- Pierre Mortier
: "Estats de Pologne..,"
Amsterdam and Paris, 59 x 89 cm, from
Mortier's "Atlas Nouveau..."
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1st state,
based on
3rd state,
based on
National Library of France:
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Royal Danish Library:
Royal Danish Library:
c. 1706-10 Cornelis
: "Regni Poloniæ
et Ducatus Lithuaniæ..,"  
Amsterdam, 49 x 57
cm.See 1697 versions.
From Univ. Library of Bern,
Royal Danish Library:
1709 Herman Moll (engraver/cartographer
/publisher): "POLAND," London, the full page
8 x 12 1/2 inches, most likely from his "The
Compleat Geographer," an update to his
1701 first atlas: "A System of Geography."
Moll's maps were frequently copied and
re-issued. His early influences were John
Senex and Emanuel Bowen.
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1702 Robert Morden
"Poland by Robt. Mor-
den," London, from
Patrick Gordon's "Geo-
graphy Anatomized
or the Geo- graphical
Grammar," London.
1705 Kremlin Armory
(publisher) - Pieter Pickaerdt
: "Каролевства
Польскаго и Великаго
Княжества Литовскаго
(Map of Kingdom
of Poland and the Grand
Duchy of Lithuania)
, Moscow.
The cartouche was engraved
by A. Schoonebeeck. Based
on a map by Allard.
From  The
National Library of Russia: http:
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Cartographic and Geological
Institute of Catalonia:
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1704 Gabriel Bodenehr the Elder (engraver
): "Geographische Vorstellung
derer Königreiche Polen..," Augsburg, 8.2  
x 6.11 inches, from his "Atlas Curieux..."

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