Maps: 1750 - 1755
1750 Rigobert Bonne:
1750 Claude Buffier:
"LA POLOGNE...” Pierre
Faure, Le Havre printer,
giving himself
engraving credit for a
map by Desbrulins.
1750 [dated] Homann Heirs (publishers) - Tobias Mayer: "Mappa Geographica Regni Poloniae..," Nuremberg, 46 x 54.5 cm, in versions from various
atlases based on based on Barnikel's 1747 map of Curland and Jan Nieprzecki's 1749 map of Lithuania. See the versions dated 1757 and 1773.
1750 Wgo: "POLSKA i
Thomas Jeffreys (engraver) - Thomas Salmon (historian): "Poland Lithuania and Prussia," London, 7 x 8.25 inches, from the 2nd (1751, London) and 3rd editions (Dublin, London)
of " A new geographical and historical grammar..."
1753 John Cowley: "A
MAP of POLAND, Prussia
and Courland."
John Gibson (geographer/engraver): "POLAND," London, in five differently-colored versions from historian Thomas Salmon's "The Universall Traveler, or a
Compleat Description of the Several Nations of the World," published in three two-volume editions: 1752-53, 1755-59, and 1759-62. The map is 12.5 x 11 inches /
31.8 x 28 cm.
1753-55 Tobin Conrad Lotter (engraver) - Matthäus Seutter  (publisher): "Polonia Seraphico=observans, juxta
Domicilia..." 50 x 57.5 cm
. See the second state of this plate in 1762.
1755 Herman Moll:
"Poland Subdivided into
its several Palatinates &
c Agreeable to Modern
History." A very late
version. Compare with
'27, '28, '32, '36, '40,
and  '44 versions.
c. 1753 Daniel de La Feuille - J. Ratelband (publisher): "Generale Kaart van Polen," Leiden,
13 x 7 cm, in the 3rd State of the 5th Plate, from "Geographisch- Tooneel..."
1752 [dated 1749] Didier Robert de Vaugondy: "Curlande, Livonie, Ingrie et Partie Meridionale de Finlande Par le Sr Robert de Vaugondy Fils de Mr Robert, Géog ord du Roi avec
Privilege 1749," engraved area 7 1/4" W x 6 3/8" Paris, dated 1749, but published in the first edition of "Atlas Universel" in 1752. Didier, son of Gilles, usually signed his maps "de
Vaugondy," while Gilles usually used "Gilles Robert" or "M Robert."
1752 Claude Buffier: "LA
POLOGNE Suivant les
degrés de l'Académie des
Sciences de Paris.” The
engraver's name,
Desbrulins, is almost
From www.
1755 Sanson - Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet (bishop/philosopher/author): "Estats de la
Couronne de Pologne," Amsterdam and Leipzig, 6.5 x 5 inches / 16.6 x 12.7 cm, from
a Dutch edition published 51 years after Bossuet's death of "Discours sur L' Histoire
1750 Tobias Conrad Lotter
(engraver/publisher) -  Matthaus
Seutter: "Poloniæ Regnum ut et
Magni Ducat. Lithuaniæ,"
Augsburg, 25 x 19 cm. Compare
with 1740, 1744 versions.
1753 Leonhard Euler - Michaelis (first edition publisher): "Tabula Geographica REGNI POLONIÆ,"
Berlin, 45.8 x 37.5 cm, in versions from “Atlas geographicus omnes orbis terrarum regiones in
XLI tabulis ... / Atlas géographique représentant en XLI cartes toutes les regions de la terre..,”
the first of three editions
(2nd in 1760, 3rd in 1777-84) of a school atlas published on behalf of the
Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences.
1752 Emanuel Bowen: "A New
and ACCURATE Map of
London, 33 x 42 cm.
From The
National Library of Latvia, via The
c. 1750 "Conventus...
Poloniae et Lithuaniae,"
with symbols
for existing
and lost
(amissos) con-
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c. 1751 Abraham Allard (original engraver/publisher, c. 1700) - Covens & Mortier (publisher): "Sedes Belli in POLONIA et in Moscoviæ,
Turciæ terminis," Amsterdam, 20.0 x 32.2 inches. Possibly published in "Atlas Nouvel Militaire."
1750 Matthaus Seutter : "LIVONIÆ et CURLANDIÆ
DUCATUS," Augsburg, in a dissected map in two
images, and 21.1 x 24.6 inches / 53.5 x 62.5 cm. See
seutter's son-in-law Tobias Lotter's 1756 reprint.
1753 Jean Baptiste Nolin (geographer/engraver/ publisher): "Carte des Etats de Pologne Dressee sur les dernieres Observations et les
Memoires les plus nouveaux Par. J.B. Nolin Geographe," Paris, 37.5 x 26 cm / 14.8 x 10.2 inches, from "Introduction a L'Histoire
Moderne, Generale et Politique de L'Univers,"  by Baron de Puffendorf.
1755 Jean Palairet (geographer/author) -
John Gibson
(engraver): "le Carte de
Pologne, 1755," London, 46 x 59 cm, from
Palairet's "Atlas Methodique..," which had
maps in English and French, typically with
a rudimentary map to be filled in by
students, and then a detailed map.
1750 Giovanni Battista Albrizzi (publisher) - Delisle (cartographer) - Isaac Tirion (printer): "Nuova Carta del Regno Di Polonia, Diviso nei suoi Palatinati, Secondo l'ultime
offervazioni ed anotazioni, fata in Amsterdam, per Isak Tirion"
(New Map of the Kingdom Of Poland, Divided into its Palatinates, according to the latest observations and annotations,
printed in Amsterdam by Tirion)
, Venice, in versions based on a map by Delisle.
1754 G. Delisle - Isaac
Tirion (publisher):
"Nieuwe Kaart van t'
Koninkryk Poolen..."

(New map of the Kingdom
of Poland)
, Amsterdam,
from a dated copy of
“Nieuwe en beknopte
University Library Nijmegen:
1752 Delisle Family:
"Pologne," Paris, 19.5 x
16 cm, from Limiers' "La
Science des personnes de
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c. 1752 Castells (?): "La Polonia," in
a relettered  in Italianversion of the
Delisle map to the left, possibly
from the Delisle atlas "Atlante
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1751 Type A cart.
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1752 Type C cart.
1754 Type A cart.
1754 Type B cart.
c. 1750-54 Emanuel Bowen: "An Accurate Map of
Poland, Prussia & Lithuania...," 7 x 9 inches.
1751 Type D cart.
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c. 1753
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1755 Jean Palairet (geographer/author) -
Tobias Mayer
(mapmaker) - John Gibson
: "Map of the Kingdom of Poland
and the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania,"  
London, 46 x 59 cm, from Palairet's "Atlas
Methodique..," the detailed map following
the rudimentary one, illustrated on the
National Library of Estonia:
National Library of Latvia:
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Beinecke Rare Book Library,
Yale Univ.
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Fine Arts Museums of San
Univ. of Freiburg, Germany:
National Library of France:
1752 [dated] Didier
Robert de Vaugondy: "Le
royaume de Pologne..,"
with annotations that
might have influenced
later versions with the
same date published in
National Library of Finland:
Royal Danish Library:
1752 Claude Buffier: "LA
POLOGNE Suivant les
degrés de l'Académie des
Sciences de Paris, faure
Sculp.” The new "engraver"
is faint.
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1754 Type D cart.
1750 Johann Georg
Schreiber: "Die Hertzog-
thümer CURLAND und
LIEFLAND, Leipzig.
DSpace at the Univ. of Tartu:
Univ. of Tartu, Estonia:
Bibliothèque Nationale de France: via wikimedia
Royal Danish Library:
1752 Pierre Sanson
mapmaker) -  Chez Z.
Chatelain & fils
(publisher): "Estats de la
Couronne de Pologne,"
Amsterdam, from "La
Science des personnes..."
With cartouche first seen
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Univ. of Vilnius Library:
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1751 [dated 1750] Gilles Robert de Vaugondy: "POLOGNE, Pag. 357," 6 x 6.5 inches, from the first edition of "Methode a bregee et facile
pour apprendre la Geographie," issued through the early 1800's. The Robert de Vaugondys licensed use of this plate for a number of
different atlases, distinguishable only by page numbers above the top right frameline. See the 1772 and early 1780's versions -- and an
outlier version, with "Pag. 350" instead of 357, on the right.
"Pag. 350"
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National Library of Poland, via